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Jenny Carling   Chairwoman

Jenny graduated from various leading universities in Britain and USA.  She has over 30-years of experience in managing large-scale mission critical projects, which have taken her to most parts of the world.

In particular, Jenny was a pioneer in her own right in the development and integration of advanced digital technologies always ahead of the time over her careers.   Her current ventures covers smart adaptive Internet-of-Things across a broad portfolio of industries including life sciences and Beidou enabled data and connected economy.

To enhance her continuing focus on creating a truly global digital healthcare platform that is sustainable, economical, accessible and above all equitable to all in society, Jenny became a qualified Traditional Chinese Medicine Specialist, a lecturer in nature’s medicine in China National Training Academy and a member of Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Practitioners Association.  She has developed extensive knowledge in Energy Medicine and Preventive Health Management and related fields that she expertise in.

Jenny Carling is enthusiastic in making contribution to society at large.   She is currently Secretary of the Rotary Metropolitan Club in Hong Kong for 2021-2022.


Dr. Lau Kit Daniel   CO-CEO (Technology and Operations)


Daniel has extensive Asia management and startup experiences in industry and technology sectors which include advanced semiconductor / optoelectronics devices and systems, sensors, telecommunication, life-cycle engineering, prognostics and system health management, life sciences, digital diagnostics and enabling technologies to promote individual healthcare convergence.

His other portfolios include professional education in systematic innovation, new six-sigma and lean, collaborative research commercialization, and global cooperation.   Daniel started his career in Asia with Bio-Rad Semiconductor. He then joined IBM Microelectronics Division and IBM Technology Group, City University of Hong Kong, various startups and funding.

During 1987 to 1991 in U.K., Daniel conducted doctoral research in high-speed optoelectronics devices and microwave systems, quantum electronics and laser devices.  He then continued onto technology integration and engineering management studies and business applications over the course of his career.  Daniel has gained various international recognitions over his contributions to corporate, professional and industrial business ventures in Asia and Greater China Region.

Daniel was elected Fellow of Institution of Electrical Engineering (FIEE) in 2003, Fellow of Institution of Engineering and Technology (FIET) in 2006, and is a Chartered Engineer (CEng) in U.K.


Doris Dong Lei is currently Co-CEO of Raymedy Company.  She has extensive experiences in Chinese and herbal medicine, healthcare and therapeutic, diagnostics and wellbeing practices in Middle East and China.

Doris is the founder of Xuanqi Chinese Medicine group in Beijing and Middle East for Chinese medicine practices and products promotion.


Stone Shi is currently Director of Raymedy Group,  General Manager and Legal Representative of Beijing Raymedy Technology Company.  

Stone has deep and extensive experiences in the research and integrated technology development for data-driven healthcare products particularly in the modernisation of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  

This efforts is key in the era of 5G-Beidou for the promotion of big data-driven integrated analytics platform to better bring western healthcare and eastern wisdom into one to improve human health at large.


Madam Sun has extensive practice and experiences in driving e-commerce platform to promote personalised healthcare and medical products and services in China. 

She is a key leader and advocate In building the big data driven for health medical care, and developing informatics and analytics for medicine especially that of the modernisation of Traditional Chinese medicine and practices.  Besides, Sun is a lead consultant to provide childcare psychological health in China.

Laura Shen   Head of Finance & Commerce


Laura Shen is an expert in finance and economy with more than 20-year experience. Ms. Shen studied in Shanghai Maritime University from 1983 to 1987 for the bachelor in Western Economic Management. Then, she got the Master of MSBA in San Francisco State University of USA in 2000.


At the beginning of her career, she was an engineer in the Ministry of Transport of PRC until 1995. Two years later, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. employed her as a Key Account Manager and started her career in the profession of finance. From 2000 to 2004, she was the vice president for the expansion of financial market in AXA of USA. In 2004, she was transferred to Hong Kong and was entitled the manager of the same field. Until 2006, she worked for Dah Sing Financial Holding Limited as the Vice President in Assets Management. Currently, Ms. Shen is a Director of Wealth Management in AIA and starts few companies.


Wang Di   Head of Procurement and Logistics

Wang Di is the Procurement and Logistics Director of Raymedy company.  He has extensive experienced network in sourcing of critical and in-demand healthcare and medical supplies in China and Asia.

Wilson Tok   Head of Sales and Marketing in Southeast Asia

wilson tok

Wilson Tok is a psychologist graduated from the University of Victoria, Canada (1995).  Since his undergrad years, he has volunteered at autism homes in Canada and sparked his passion for kids with autism.  Wilson practices QEEG and ISF Neurofeedback to quantify and accurately re-train the brain waves (neuroplasticity) to optimal levels in Singapore and Malaysia.  He is confident that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  He has treated clients with autism, ADHD, ADD, cerebral palsy, stroke, traumatic brain injury, extreme tremors, multiple system atrophy, migraine, depression, anxiety and recently covid brain.  He has also trained many students and executives to achieve peak performances in sports and industry.   

Today, he is confident Raymedy, a mind body medical device, is the QEEG of the Chinese meridian points with ‘Readme’ and can treat the meridian paths by recharging the cells in the body at targeted meridian points with ‘Powerme’.  Wilson is also certified Therapeutic Thai Massage Professional by Ministry of Education Thailand.  His past as a combat medic (national service, Singapore) is an added plus to his background. 

In the past, Wilson represented many Canadian Institutions (1995) sending students to Canada for education.  He pioneered online learning in 2000 between an Ontario school board and Mediaworks, a subsidiary to of Mediacorp.  He was the first to introduce biometrics for school attendance to a government school in Singapore.  Subsequently, he served as a school advisory committee member in a government school for 8 years.   

“I used to believe that EVERY BRAIN HAS A CHANCE.  Now, I believe EVERY BRAIN & BODY has a chance to live a better life”.


Christine Cheung   Assistant to Chairwoman

Ms Cheung is well-educated. She has rich experience in administration works, operation and customer service as the support of family business and multinational corporations for many years.

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